Super friendly, responsible, fun, respectful 30-year-old male from NYC but brought up travelling. Very down to earth and easy going.

Run experiential events and a publication that showcases Sydney’s best events and experiences! Also work as a marketing/communications manager full-time at Marriott Sydney, as well as running a non-profit that drives positive action/altruism in society. TEDx speaker, and mentor.

Equally into great banter, astrophysics, great wine/cocktails, expressionism, hidden bars, philosophy, fashion, and good vibes.

In AU for year – here for the long haul!

VERY respectful of the needs of my housemates and flexible to live in households where regular soirees are the norm or quiet residences with busy professionals. Do have a strong predilection for warm, friendly, and clean housemates who don’t mind sharing a glass of wine or dinner from time to time. P.s. I make awesome cheese platters.

More about me 🙂

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