Ace Mamun is an exponent and leader of culture, community, and change.

He is a TEDx speaker, published author, Mensa member and host, as well as an awarded marketeer, currently leading marketing and communications for Marriott. He has over a decade and a half-long experience across creative direction, communications, publishing, social change, arts and culture, community leadership and more.

With a social change and sustainability focus, Ace is an Earth Day keynote speaker as well as the founder of Global Good, an international not-for-profit group driving positive change by supporting key causes such as sustainability, human rights, sustainability, disease eradication, disability and more. 

A protagonist of community and culture, Ace is the founder of a 100,000 member global social network, The Socialites, ambassador of the world’s largest expat community (2 million members), InterNations, and director of the global arts and cultural publication, The Plus Ones.

Further, as a senior marketing leader, Ace has been a mentor for the region’s largest agency network GroupM; been invited to lecture and speak at institutions such as Melbourne University and UTS, as well as having been recognized at the prestigious HM Awards Australia and TAA Awards.