Mindfulness & Meditation


Ace is a certified science-focused mindfulness and meditation practitioner/instructor with over five years of experience.
For a one-on-one, group, or corporate session in person or online, email contact@acemamun.com.

10 Minute Guided Meditation

Experience 10 minutes of mindfulness in your everyday life. Guided meditation with Ace.


Meditation Beyond the “Woo-Woo”

“One of the greatest tools for me through some of the most complex times in life has been regular mindfulness and meditation. As a strong proponent of science and critic of “superstitious woo woo,” I’m genuinely intrigued by the multiple biological and psychological benefits linked, through research, to the practice.”

NUTSHELL: When you actively engage your attentional network (w/ your prefrontal cortex responsible for higher order cognition) by being mindful, it disengages your default mode network, which essentially acts as your always-on mental background activity, so to speak (Garrison et al., 2016). While the DMN seems to play a role in maintaining your sense of reality and timeline (Andrews-Hanna, 2012), it’s particularly active in certain detrimental throughs of self (eg. judgement), past (eg. regrets), or future (eg. worries).

EFFECTS: The above – coupled with more active cognition between input and reaction – has been linked to the reduction of stress (Economides, Martman & Bell, 2018), depression (Sheline et al., 2009), aggression (Desteno et al. 2017), and insomnia (Gong et al., 2016); while helping general wellbeing (Gong et al., 2016), relationship satisfaction (Kozlowski, 2013), healthy habits (Carrière et al., 2017), resilience (Rogers, 2013) and even critical thinking (Noone & Hogan, 2018).

In fact, grâce à neuroplasticity, regular meditation has been shown to literally alter the structure of your brain for better (Lazar et al., 2006) and reduce age-related degeneration – it may quite literally grow your grey matter.

Plus, there’s the bonus placebo effect of you reading all that (even if may be true).