Available to exhibit across the globe, with past showcases from Netherlands to Australia, to the US. Ace’s latest exhibition: ‘From Europe, With Love’, Westin Times Square, New York
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The Narrative Behind the Strokes

In the sanctuary of canvas and paper, Ace Mamun’s creations emerge as abstract reflections on the human condition. From charcoal to ink, each piece weaves a visual dialogue on the vital threads of our society—questioning and contemplating the essence of community and the individual’s place within it. Encased in vintage frames, these expressions are not merely aesthetic items but are the silent narrators of stories untold, capturing the essence of causes close to humanity’s heart, from women’s rights and the fundamental liberty of speech.

Ace Mamun’s journey through life has been a rich mosaic of experiences that transcend geographical borders. Raised across multiple continents, his art is infused with the essence of diverse communities and the spectrum of human conditions he has personally navigated. This path has been marked by the profound joys of connection and the acute poignancy of loss and chronic illness, each leaving an indelible mark on his perspective and, consequently, his art. His personal narrative shapes a unique lens through which he observes and captures the world, lending authenticity and depth to the visual stories he tells.

The work is therefore a testament to the cultural tapestry that defines our time, touching upon hedonism’s allure, progress’s unyielding march, the subtle art of culinary finesse, or the less glamorous oft-unseen undercurrents of stress and anxiety permeating reality. Each stroke is a note in the grand symphony of life, harmonizing the discord into a singular, compelling anthology. Here, art is more than a visual feast—it’s a poignant critique, a celebration, and an immortal resonance of the vibrant human spirit.