Book: The 3 C’s of Change

Community, Connection & Culture
Making a difference throught the power of the human tapestry.

Available this spring worldwide in paperback at Barnes & Noble.


‘The 3 C’s of Change – Community, Connection & Culture,’ is a holistic journey that explores the untapped power of human connections. In an era of unprecedented interconnectedness, this pivotal work explores the transformative power of community, connection, and culture in driving significant change.

Too often, we underestimate our capacity to effect change, feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of global challenges. This book works past that misconception, revealing how each of us, with our unique skills and perspectives, can indeed be a catalyst for positive transformation.

Ace explores the incredible potential within each individual to contribute to the world we wish to live in. By harnessing the strength of our communities and the diversity of our cultures, we can generate a wave of change that extends far beyond our individual horizons.

‘The 3 C’s of Change’ is more than just a book—it’s a call to action. It provides practical steps for turning our collective potential into reality, showcasing myriad ways we can make a difference through the tapestry of human connection.

Whether you’re an activist, a dreamer, or simply someone who wishes to make a positive impact, ‘The 3 C’s of Change’ will inspire you, empower you, and ultimately, change your perception of your place in the world.


Ace Mamun is a TEDx speaker and has delivered talks across the globe on social evolution and dynamics. He has been the ambassador of the world’s largest expat group, a globally exhibited artist, and guest lecturer at multiple universities. Brought up with and across innumerable cultures, Ace offers a unique perspective, from first-hand experience, on the sheer power of our connectivity in society and communities today.

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