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  • TEDx Talk Text

    Did you know you’ve got a superpower when it comes to driving progress? CLICK  It’s your ability to communicate and connect. Let’s explore the power of this connectivity today. But first, I’ll ask a rather strange question. By a show of hands, how many of you here have had antibiotics?  Well you can be very […]

  • Virtues of Good

    Book What is Good Altruism in the Philosophical Landscape Altruism is a concept that has captured the imagination of philosophers for centuries, its etymology rooted in the Latin word “alter” which translates to “other.” It speaks to the very essence of human nature and the capacity for selflessness that lies within us all. Throughout the […]

  • Housemate

    Super friendly, responsible, fun, respectful 30-year-old male from NYC but brought up travelling. Very down to earth and easy going. Run experiential events and a publication that showcases Sydney’s best events and experiences! Also work as a marketing/communications manager full-time at Marriott Sydney, as well as running a non-profit that drives positive action/altruism in society. […]